What We Do

Unique Aromas offers a unique blend to every product, in order to give our customers a unique experience tailored to them.

One of our promises is to always integrate our customers’ all-time favorite scents whilst incorporating the creativity of our product development team. Our products are designed to excite your senses and to provide a scentiful experience. Everything from rich luxurious shower gels to fragrant candles you will always be able to create an aromatic atmosphere when using our products.

At Unique Aromas, we are passionate about giving back and helping the local economy. As a proudly Ghanaian based company, we encourage patronization of local Ghanaian products with our incentive.

BUY GHANA BUILD GHANA. We ensure local sourcing of raw materials where we can strengthen the econ

Our Ethos

We also empower local groups by training people to develop skills within cosmetic production as a source of livelihood. In addition, we support rural communities, widows, and orphanages. We want our uniqueness to reach and help the people of Ghana, This is why we have established a trading agreement with the village women located in the Northern Region of Ghana to ensure fair trade. As these hard-working impoverished women supply shea butter and natural oils we provide them supportable wages to keep their families and businesses sustained.

Together We Are Unique