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Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!

Get ready this season, by purchasing our UNIQUE AROMAS  hand sanitisers, Quitox disinfectant solution and hand sanitiser spray.

Our hand sanitiser and sanitiser spray will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses . The Unique Aromas hand sanitiser gel contains 70% alcohol and the UNIQUE Aromas hand santiser spray contains 80% alcohol. Our UNIQUE  formula is effective in combating pathogens that can easily stay on the skin for up to 20 minutes! Actively rub your hands with our hand sanitiser gel or spray.

Did you know bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces for more than 3 days? The good news is that you can protect your home or environment by using our Unique Aromas Quitox disinfectant solution. The disinfectant will effectively kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on all hard surfaces. You can dilute it and use it for mopping, use it in the bath for a good body soak or heal your wounds and cuts by dropping the solution on a cotton wool.

However you may decide to choose one of these uses safely and reasonably, make sure to safeguard your home or workplace and prevent the spread of transmission and infections.



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